Our Exhibition

We created an exhibition as part of the Scottish Mental Health Arts Festival 2023 around the theme of 'revolution'

The Connection Cure

Acrylic paint, papercraft

Patient Diagnosis: 

6A7Z - Depressive disorder unspecified



A unique creative process was used to form this artwork, born from the artist's very own breath. Exhaling to create intricate and interconnected shapes with the paint so that they form like neurons. While filled with uncertainty, confidence came with the completion of each painstakingly crafted layer as it became clear this was a method capable of carrying a personal but universal message.


This is a celebration of connections, emphasising their profound significance for our individual and collective wellbeing. The layers demonstrate the intricate web of connections that permeate our lives, from the intimate bonds of family (blood and chosen) to the broader threads of nationality and global citizenship.


There is also a connection to the natural world by mirroring roots. Trees use theirs to communicate with one another in a harmonious exchange to identify potential threats to their health and send nutrients to those vulnerable to any danger. A behaviour that serves as a potent ideal for our human interactions which are normally in stark contrast to this.


The artist’s message proposes an antidote to the stigma that often accompanies struggles with mental health. Recognising collaboration and community as the best means of support for those in need, rather than isolating, labelling and prescribing changes to their ‘thinking patterns’. Reminding us that research has repeatedly demonstrated the most significant indicator for successful therapy outcomes lies not in the tools or techniques used by mental health professionals but in the therapeutic relationship itself. Further exemplified by the invaluable resource provided by peer support networks, where individuals facing similar experiences can connect, share and heal together in a mutually reciprocal and stigma-free environment.


Posing questions about where the true sources of expert knowledge about mental wellbeing can be found, this piece urges us to recognise the natural, biological and social factors that contribute to our wellbeing. Planting seeds that will grow roots of a more grounded, empathetic and understanding approach to mental healthcare that harnesses connection and creates valuable social support networks.

Please note: The diagnosis used does not necessarily reflect a psychiatric diagnosis received by the artist. These were included to reflect the current practice of labelling and how these relate to lived-experience


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